1. i had the honor of drawing the cover for the legendary chiptune idol chibi-tech’s first album!! the tracks go though different genres, from denpa to EDM with such ease that you won’t be able to believe that all of the music is made only using sounds from an NES! yes, these tracks will actually play on a nintendo entertainment system!!

    regardless of how it’s made though, it’s rockin tunes by any measure. don’t take my word for it, take a listen on bandcamp!

    and if you’re in the USA near philadelphia, you can see her live and buy the real CD at the 8static festival!! you can see a video of her awesome live set at blipfestival 2012 here for a preview of the chaos.

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    i usually don’t do multiple reblogs of my own art, but i just had to congratulate chibi for making it to #1 on...
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    i hope everyone who missed kyunstep when it came out loses their shit rn
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