1. just a lovely mermaid girl

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  2. my flyer for the next ani-crush event in akihabara!

    info in japanese ・ info in english

    (the illustration is here!)


  3. Annie and Sammy, the mascots of AniCrush, doing otagei. Drew this for the flyer for the upcoming AniCrush event on 7/27 at MOGRA in Akihabara! Check for more info on their twitter and facebook. I’ll post the flyer later!


  4. ichigo and otome from aikatsu!

    it’s always so cute when otome is feeding ichigo!!!

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  5. Momoi Haruko in her outfit from MoeFes: B&W version.

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  6. Momoi Haruko in her outfit from MoeFes: simple color version.

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  7. My art and flyer design for the upcoming AniCrush!!! event! If you’re in Tokyo on 4/12 and like anime music, why not check it out?

    AniCrush Twitter

    Event page on FB

    AniCrush Tumblr

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  8. My Slime Girls merch arrived!! So stylish!!! You can get your own here!!

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  9. kii from aikatsu!

    drawing progress: step 1 - step 2 - step 3

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  10. first episode of happiness charge precure was a lot of fun. looking forward to next week’s ep!

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  11. thehappymappyart:

    button design for slime girls! thanks pedro!!

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  12. tragicallyshoujo:

    DENG (^O^☆♪ @mandimandi

    check out the big button i drew for Slime Girls :D

    i’ll post the artwork soon!


  13. Limited bonus postcard for the first buyers of my denpa song doujinshi “denPaper vol.0" at C85! Based on the cover of "ULTRA☆U2" by U!


  14. fanart of shelby lemonade, who is woof’s character from a game he and his team are making!! it was fun drawing all these silly characters!!

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  15. I’m going to participate in Comic Market as a circle for the first time at C85!! 

    Please come visit me at:
    12/30 東O-25b「まひまひ」

    I’m releasing an artbook with drawings of different denpa artists! (As many of your probably know, hyper/cute/weird denpa is my musical obsession.) It’s a B&W book which I plan to show my new drawings of artists like dempagumi.inc, Momoi Haruko, SHAKING PINK, MOSAIC.WAV, and more. (Line up may change, but there’ll be lots of artists represented!)

    I also managed to get some amazing guests to submit drawings: Momobako, Rameru, Necome, NOKI, and kouotsu!! Wow!

    If you’ll be at C85, please come say hi! I will figure out a way to sell (download or mail order if I have enough extras) to those who can’t make it if there is interest.

    Featured in this pic is 桃箱 (Momobako) and 愛原圭織 (Aihara Kaori) of ちぃむdmp (Team dmp)!